11, Apr 2024
What Game is the Best to Play I Fla Lottery?

When choosing the ideal lottery game in Florida, consider what would best meet your needs and budget. Consult a certified investment advisor who can assist with creating an asset allocation portfolio that offers low risk yet high returns. In addition, invest in real estate which has the potential to appreciate over time.

If you want a chance at winning small prizes, try Florida Lottery’s Pick 2 game. It has a top prize of $50 and its odds significantly outstrip other Lottery games.

Fantasy 5 offers the potential of an even higher jackpot. Fill out a playslip containing 10 panels, each one offering numbers 1 through 36; select your own or opt for “quick pick.” Your chances of hitting the jackpot are roughly one in five; however, cash prizes can also be won from using numbers that have already appeared four or more times!

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