26, Mar 2024
Is Online Gambling Legal in NY?

New York may not be at the forefront of legal gambling like some other states are, but that doesn’t mean progress hasn’t been made, particularly with sports betting and lottery games. Recent budget issues have added momentum towards legalizing the industry, and polls demonstrate strong public support – this could make next legislative session an opportune moment to pass a bill into law.

New York offers two racetrack casinos which provide table and slot machine gaming, along with live dealer gaming in 2024 if that becomes legalized in New York state. Caesars Entertainment operates one of the premier NJ online casinos, so this may also make them viable contenders when that day arrives for licensing in NY state.

New York state regulations regarding casino online gambling are relatively stringent, with several notable restrictions applied to gamblers in their state. New Yorkers can only gamble at sites licensed by the Gaming Commission with valid state ID, and cannot use credit cards or PayPal accounts to gamble on these regulated sites. These measures are meant to prevent problem gambling; additionally, there is a list of approved operators on their website that provide peace of mind to players as well as detailed reports on account activity that should offer comfort to all concerned.

New Jersey has long been considered the leader when it comes to online gambling, with other states following suit. New York lawmakers have considered several bills related to iGaming legislation and legalization appears imminent with their recent proposal including blackjack, roulette and other casino classics with a 30% tax rate and $2 Million licensing fee for operators.

New York remains more restrictive in terms of gambling laws, but has recently become much less so thanks to sports betting’s introduction. I-gaming may soon follow.

Though Ohio does not currently possess a licensed online casino, several unlicensed ones do exist that operate within its borders. These sites offer similar free-to-play games and jackpots as those found at licensed casinos as well as various payment options (including cryptocurrency). Some even provide exclusive bonuses and promotions just for cryptocurrency holders!

For licensed sites, the New York Gaming Commission takes great pains in publishing weekly and monthly financial reports on their list of approved operators sites, audited for fairness by independent third-parties to ensure they meet state standards. These reports and audits are essential in assuring that these licensed sites are doing their part to safeguard New York’s gambling environment.

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